Designed with a focus on security

BetterNow store personal information on BetterNow and therefore take appropriate steps to secure that information. These include:

  • Encrypting all information transmitted between your computers and our computers, in the same fashion that e.g. banks use to protect customer account information.
  • Following industry standard practices to secure our systems. These include routinely updating the software installed on our systems, physically protecting access to them, restricting access by password and two factor authentication, encrypting data at rest, and other technological countermeasures.
  • Logging and monitoring access to personal data in order to be able to quickly act on unauthorised attempts to access or remove data.
  • Ensuring that all data is continuously backed-up, in order to ensure data isn’t lost.
  • Restricting access to your data to our employees and third-party partners who absolutely need that access to provide service to you.
  • Employing professionals who are cognizant of security issues, both internally and as external consultants.
  • Obligatory use of two factor authentication for everyone who administrates a charity account.
  • All employees are trained in security guidelines, potential risks and how to detect suspicious behaviour.
  • All laptops, mobile phones are secured and employees follow strict guidelines to ensure the security of data, even if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Personal data is only stored in systems designed and intended for storage. BetterNow does not allow printing of any material or data on paper.
  • Continuous re-assessing these measures and evaluating our security procedures.

Contact us for more details

If you have any questions about our security measures or whether they are adequate for your envisioned use of BetterNow, please feel free to email us at We have more technical detail available for customers who require it.

Security Researchers

BetterNow is grateful for the contributions to software security made by security researchers in our industry. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in BetterNow, please contact us directly at You are welcome to use our PGP key.

BetterNow would like to thank the following individuals for disclosing security issues to us and giving us ample remediation time.